Hi-Flame offers the original retail purchaser a 1 Year Warranty with a further limited 4 Year Extended Warranty subject to the following terms and conditions being met. Claims under this Warranty must be reported in the first instance to the dealer you purchased the stove from. In the unlikely event of a Warranty claim being made the claim will only be entertained by Hi-Flame or their distributors if it follows this procedure and complies with the Terms and Conditions set out below.

To be eligible for the Hi-Flame Warranty, when your stove has been installed, you must have sent us a fully completed Warranty Registration Card. A Warranty Registration Card is supplied inside each stove and without its completion and receipt by us the optional extended warranty will not apply and any warranty claim after the first 12 months, since the date of purchase of the stove, will not be valid. In the unlikely event that your stove was supplied without a Warranty Registration Card, and it is less than 12 months since you purchased your stove, you can download a Warranty Registration Card online (Please contact us if you require access to the dealer area to view and download the warranty forms). 

Your new Hi-Flame stove has been tested to CE EN13240 or EN13229 as appropriate in Europe to ensure that it meets strict UK and Irish constructional, performance and safety standards. It is not the responsibility of Hi-Flame or their distributors to ensure that the appliance is installed and operating correctly at the time of the installation. This is strictly the responsibility of the stove owner and any complaints regarding the performance of the installation should be addressed to the stove dealer or the stove installer.

If it is necessary for Hi-Flame to send a service engineer to examine the stove then an initial standard call-out charge of £100 / €100 will be applied, which must be paid in advance, before a service engineer's appointment can be made. Should it subsequently be found that the stove is at fault then Hi-Flame will happily reimburse this fee in full under the terms and conditions of the stove’s 1 year warranty and we will then take the necessary action to rectify any problem. Please note that ‘labour’ is not covered under the terms of the final four years of our extended five year warranty and therefore in such circumstances the call-out charge may be retained at our discretion to cover labour costs, whether a warranty claim is valid or not.


Please note: All claims must adhere to the following procedure

Your stove is guaranteed against defects subject to the following conditions:

1 The stove must have been installed by a qualified / government recognised stove installer and upon completion the appropriate Hetas / INFO or Building Notice Certificate of Completion, which specifically covers the installation of the stove according to current building regulations, has been issued. A copy of this must be attached to the claim form – your authorised Hi-Flame dealer can download a Warranty Claim Form online. For legal and insurance reasons, without this approved paperwork, the stove installation must be regarded by Hi-Flame as an illegal and potentially life-threatening installation and therefore we cannot entertain the Warranty claim (This does not limit your statutory rights). In such instances you must contact the stove installer.
2 The sales receipt or invoice for the stove must be kept as proof of purchase and a copy attached to the claim. 
3 The serial number of the stove must not be damaged or missing and must be quoted on the claim.
4 You must not have used the stove to burn any of the prohibited fuels listed in the Operator's Handbook.
5 The stove must have been continuously kept in a serviceable condition and you must not have allowed the stove to corrode. Warranty claims for stoves which are more than 12 months old must include the annual service record and a copy should be attached to the claim.
6 You must not have modified the construction of the stove in any way.
7 The stove must not have been used for commercial purposes (eg rented or holiday accommodation, public bar, where the stove’s operation could be subject to abuse).

Boiler Stoves

8 The boiler stove must never have been operated without being connected to a hot water system or without water in the boiler.
9 A system rust inhibitor must have been continuously used.
10 The maximum boiler operating pressure of 1.5 Bar must never have been exceeded.
11 The boiler stove must not be connected to a pressurised system without a recognised pressure 'neutraliser' buffer being installed.

What the Hi-Flame Warranty covers: 

  • Bodywork
  • Doors, Door Handles and Door Hinges
  • Spigot / Flue collar 
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Air Controls
  • Ash Pan and Multi-Purpose Tool
  • Enamelling (if applicable)
  • External Riddler Control
  • Boiler and Thermostatic Control

HI-Flame guarantee that your product will be free from defective parts, materials and workmanship at the time of purchase by the original consumer for a period of 1 year for components, bodywork casing, door and boiler (parts and labour), excluding consumable parts. The optional further 4 Year Extended Warranty for the bodywork casing, door and boiler (parts only) is only applicable if the Warranty Card has been completed in full (including the Installer / installation requirements) and it has been posted to Hi-Flame for our records.

Hi-Flame will repair or replace at its option any stove or stove part thereof found to be defective under these Warranty Terms and Conditions.

What the Hi-Flame Warranty DOES NOT cover: 

In line with other stove manufacturers the Warranty does not cover the following ‘consumable’ items

  • Fire Ropes and Gasket Seals
  • Heat Resistant Glass
  • Baffle / Throat plate
  • Fire Grate and Fire Grate Carrier Frame
  • Fire Cemented Joints
  • Fire Bricks
  • Painted surfaces
NB The Warranty does not cover any stove which is deemed to be illegally installed (see point 1 above). 

Boiler Warranty Claims 

The mechanical operation of a boiler stove is very simple and therefore before you make a warranty claim you should take all reasonable steps to ensure that any perceived fault with the boiler stove is not actually a knock-on affect of a faulty central heating or hot water system. Upon inspection, where a boiler stove is found to be in full working order you will be liable for any reasonable expenses incurred by Hi-Flame for inspecting the stove.

In the case of a suspected leaking boiler the stove (see trouble shooting section regarding condensation in the Operator's Handbook) must be decommissioned and carefully transported to Hi-Flame at the owners expense. If a boiler leak, which has occurred during normal operation, is confirmed by the Hi-Flame technical department pressure tests then, under the terms of Hi-Flame’s 1 year or extended 5 year warranty, your reasonable expenses (provided receipts are provided to us) will reimbursed and an appropriate replacement supplied, subject to model availability.

Limits of Warranty 

The Hi-Flame Warranty is not transferable and applies to the original retail purchaser only. It does not cover the failure of the appliance due to accidental damage, misuse or abuse, modification, illegal installation, repairs (other than those by the authorised dealer) or failure to maintain the stove in a serviceable condition.

Under no circumstances shall Hi-Flame be liable for any incidental or consequential damage claims of any nature whatsoever arising from the non-conformance of the stove under the terms of the manufacturer’s Warranty. These include loss of profit, commercial losses, transport costs and damage during transport, costs in connection with any dismantling and reassembling of the stove and its installation components.The maximum value of the Hi-Flame Warranty cover shall not exceed the value of the stove's original purchase price.

The terms and conditions of the Warranty do not affect, nor or they intended to affect, your statutory rights.

Stoves installed as part of a central heating / water heating system are part of a complex system. A perceived fault in the stove may be a fault of the plumbing or the failure of some other aspect of the heating system outside of Hi-Flame Stoves control. Before making a claim under guarantee, please ensure that the rest of your heating system is working correctly, as any expenses incurred by Hi-Flame Stoves or its agents in recovering or inspecting a perfectly functioning stove will be at the expense of the stove owner.

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