All change for Ecodesign

Due to stricter testing and tougher emissions limits brought about by the introduction of the EU's Ecodesign requirements in 2022, the stoves below have been discontinued by Hi-Flame.

For environmental reasons, as founding members of the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) and along with all of the other members of the SIA, together we have agreed not to produce any new non-Ecodesign compliant stoves from 2020 onwards.

But don't worry, Hi-Flame have recently introduced the all-new ultra-low emissions R-Series collection of Ecodesign wood burners and are currently working on other ranges to replace many of these discontinued models. A number of the models below have been huge best-sellers in Ireland, so of course, as a reputable stove maker we will continue to supply competitively priced spare and consumable parts for these for many, many years to come. If there is a particular model you're interested in you may also be able to find some availability through stocks held by our extensive Hi-Flame dealer network.